Nils Wandrey

Artists I'd like to work with!


Hello everyone!

Here is a personal list of awesome musicians I'd love to collaborate with.

With some of them I already did, with some of them I will soon, and with the rest I probably won't ever, but they're still awesome! In alphabetical order:


Fillers or just Singles?!


Hello Everyone!

I just stumbled over a youtube interview of one of my childhood heroes the other day... Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe, who have a new EP out and are back together rocking and rolling!

He said something that brought back thoughts I had recently.
The question, if we can expect a new full length Ugly Kid Joe album sometime soon, he answered with "No. Never".

Whit explained that, to him, it wouldn't make much sense, since on the one hand UKJ is a catalogue band, meaning, they're known for what they already recorded over the years and people want to hear exactly that material when they go to a show, and on the other hand, he claims that on every album of great bands from the 90s there are fillers. Songs that are not really good enough to be released as a single. Songs that just make the album an album, quantity wise. So full royalties were being payed.

Do it... think of albums you like... are there fillers on them?

I would have to say YES... but to me, and now comes my weirdo train of thoughts, ...