Nils Wandrey

Awesome title right?

Well it's true, but not quite:

I took part in a remix competition, brought to life through shure and the mighty Snow Patrol!

I took their single "Fallen Empires", threw some of the loops out and recorded some rock drums, bass and guitars for it. In hope to support the meaning of their lyrics a bit more. (great lyrics by the way!).

I think it's pretty different from the original, yet it fits... oh whilst I was at it, I added a chorus and sang a bit myself as well...

I've listened to a few really cool versions so far. There are some guys out there that made it really dubsteppy or even euro-dance trashy, so the competition is strong... it's fun, let's see where this is going!

Listen to the original and my remake below:



Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol


Fallen Empires (Nils Wandrey remix) by Shure Remix Competition


Please do not re-upload on any network, since Shure and Snow Patrol own the rights! sharing the links is fine!


2012-12-10 09:25:05 - Ilona Weinhold-Wackernah / Bildmanufaktur Wackerna
Yes, I see, there are no animals. But your voice is verynice - I like it!!
2012-12-10 09:14:34 - Ilona Weinhold-Wackernah, Bildmanufaktur Wackernah
very interessting ALLIGATOR FARM. It seems to be very terrifying. I think I only like alligators to have a look at them, not to fight or play with them or anything else
2012-11-03 11:41:43 - Katya Girko
So cool, Nils! :)
2012-11-03 01:40:24 - Anja C. Appleby
too cool, you are so talented, keep rockin' \m/ _ \m/
2012-11-03 00:59:20 - rainman
2012-11-02 10:13:37 - Wild.Child
So cool!
2012-11-02 09:51:13 - DANIELLE FERREIRA
COOlllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!