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Nils Wandrey, Eric Martin (Mr Big), James Kottak (Scorpions) and Katy Perry

–what is the link between these musicians?

Martin and Kottak each asked Wandrey to join them on stage.
Following this request, he grabbed his guitar and played with Martin on his acoustic tour in Germany. Kottak, however, needed Wandrey as a bass player and went on tour all over Europe with Kottak Attack, opening for Edguy.

Not being able to escape Katy Perry blasting through the tour bus speakers, Wandrey decided in a tour bus bunk that Perry is the one for him! Consequently, Katy Perry was asked by Wandrey to marry him– well, he has never received an answer, but people who found the clip on YouTube were well entertained by Wandrey's single „KatyPerry“, in which he proposes „Katy Perry, will you marry me?“ watch the video

If there's one thing Wandrey has learned about being a musician, it's that“... you've got to enjoy the ride and do it because you love it.” That's what he did with his old band Crack'nUp's. Headlining Japan, opening for Motörhead, shows with Toto – everything was perfect until within a matter of months his band fell apart. “I lost focus on my actual plan for quite a while,” he explained. “Call it stage hibernation if you wish, but anyway, in the meantime I broadened my horizon by learning how to work as a producer.“

Nils Wandrey live Saarbrücken

Wandrey has currently written, produced and engineered over 50 new songs for his solo project which will feature cameos by his friends James Kottak, Felix Bohnke (Edguy), and Francis Ruiz (Buckcherry). His priority: writing, recording and performing music.

Nils Wandrey's tunes are influenced by veterans such as Scorpions, BonJovi and GreenDay. However, you'll hear a modern twist ,inspired by Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes and 30 Seconds to Mars.

James Kottak Nils Wandrey live Paris Bataclan

Playing and recording every instrument himself, Nils Wandrey tops his catchy songs with Queen-esque vocal harmonies and rock drums. “I do enjoy modern pop music, but I can't help it, I love Rock n Roll drums!“ Wandrey admits.

His compositions vary from fine ballads, Adele or Ariana Grande could make their own, to mainstream rock that seems to agree well with more than one generation.
That is not at least due to his catchy singalong melodies, the right amount of lyrical depth and real instruments some people claim to have gotten lost in today's mainstream charts.

“I hope my new music touches a few people, makes them happy or helps them through sadness, or they just crank it up and nod along in their car, forgetting about their daily routine for a while... It's a freakin' rollercoaster ride.”

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